Back to School Organising Tips

Trust us, we know that this time of year can be stressful and our homes can quickly be turned upside down and look like a bombsite with all the extra school stuff. All the new uniforms, shoes, bags, sports gear, plus books, pencil cases with tons of stationery… can all make our lovely serene homes quickly become a nightmare! 😱

Now that holiday mode is well and truly over it’s time to get organised again and get our homes back into shape.💪 Easier said than done though right?

So, to help with that a tiny bit we’ve collated a bunch of short videos for you that are packed full of useful tips and tricks for getting organised.

We know that most schools have already started back but it’s never too late to get organised and some of these tips are just good at any time of year!

1. This mother is super organised… we especially loved the backpack station idea and the command centre is amazing! 😳

2. Good tips here especially the one about the dishwasher tab!

3. Another video about a bag station with some nice ideas…

4. This one doesn’t really cover organising specifically but nonetheless, there are some good tips here:

5. And finally, this is a bit off-topic but it shows what could be done to create extra storage space in your loft

This is a full loft conversion, which is something we don’t do ourselves. BUT, we do install ‘warm lofts‘ which are those where the flooring and underside of the roof is all boarded and can be decorated. Imagine all the old school stuff you could store in the eaves! These types of rooms are also great as a hobby space or home work station!