Should I Use Loft Boarding?

Most homes with a pitched roof have a loft space under the rafters. Traditionally, this has been a place to store anything you’re unlikely to want, since it can be difficult to get at, and you have to balance on exposed joists to reach the items you put there. Unless you board over them, that is.

Reasons for Boarding Your Loft

Most of us could do with more space in our homes. Fortunately, there’s plenty of extra space, but it can be difficult to use. Even if we can get up into the loft, walking across the joists is precarious, and it’s very easy to slip and go through the ceiling. Because of this, we often only use the space within arm’s length of the hatch.

Laying boards over the joists not only gives us free access to the whole loft, but also makes it easier to arrange our stored possessions, and maybe even have storage units there. It’s not always necessary to board the whole loft, though. It makes sense not to extend the boarding into the eaves, where you won’t be able to stand up straight.

Besides storage, a boarded loft can be useful for occasional activities. Whether you want to set up a model railway, have your work-bench out of the way or practice your guitar riffs in peace, a boarded loft can be the perfect location.

Reasons Not to Board Your Loft

Although a boarded loft is perfect for storage or light activities, it’s unlikely to stand up to use as living space, whether you want an extra bedroom, a games room or even another lounge. For that, you’d need a full conversion, which can cost as much as £50,000 and may require planning permission if you alter the roof.

Laying boards can be a problem if the insulation comes up above the joists, as it tends to if the depth is adequate, since it shouldn’t be compressed. In these circumstances, though, there are raised boarding options, such as the LoftZoneTM StoreFloor system, which will safely accommodate the insulation.

Professional or DIY?

Boarding your loft is relatively straightforward. It can be done by an expert DIYer, but it’s actually not as easy as it seems — quite apart from constantly manoeuvring longboards through the loft hatch, there’s a long list of safety concerns to remember.

On the other hand, getting it done by professionals is fairly cheap, and you can rest assured nothing will be forgotten. Give us a call if you’d like to know more about boarding your loft.