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Our Mini-Guide to Rafter Insulation

rafter insulation featured image

We’ve created this blog post about rafter insulation because we realised that a lot of people search for this term but there isn’t much out there that explains it well. This mini-guide should answer some questions you might have. Such as what it is, where it’s applied and even how much it usually costs. Let’s… Read more »

Have you got a draughty hatch?

cold lady under blankets and loft hatch

If you’ve got a draught of cold air coming into your top landing then it could very well be from your loft hatch. In this post, we’ll look at the causes of draughty hatches. And then talk about some ways to insulate and draught-proof your hatch. Awesome! What causes a draughty hatch? The simple answer… Read more »

Can I Install a Boiler in my Loft?

boiler in loft

Thinking about installing a boiler in your loft? You’ll need to know about regulations, the pros and cons, and the general cost. Read on…

How to make the most of the Green Homes Grant

green homes grant

The Green Homes Grant is a government scheme that allows residential property owners to apply for subsidiary vouchers to pay for eligible energy-efficiency improvements on their homes. The vouchers can potentially contribute up to two-thirds of the total costs. The scheme is intended to motivate homeowners to adopt the installation of home insulation (including loft… Read more »

What’s the best way to carry boxes in and out of your loft?

Man with back pain

If you’re moving boxes in and out of your loft, or within your home, it’s essential to do it the right way. Back pain caused by lifting the wrong way is common and can be extremely uncomfortable but it’s also avoidable with the right knowledge. Here is some simple guidance from those lovely people at… Read more »

The Government Announced New Green Homes Grants Worth £2 Billion

green homes grants

In July, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a new Green Homes Grant during his mini-budget. It’s part of a project to make homes greener wherein each household could save as much as £300 each. The idea behind this scheme is to also open up work for thousands of tradesmen, who have been… Read more »

8 ways you can support your kid’s learning during the lockdown

child with paint on hands

We know that supporting a child’s learning whilst they are stuck at home is a big challenge. Let’s face it, we’re not all cut out for homeschooling our little ones, and even if you are, the more tips and tricks you can gather the better, right? If like us you’d like some resources but don’t… Read more »

Your essential guide to working from home… some of these tips may surprise you!

woman sitting at a desk looking at a laptop and drinking a coffee

If you’re finding yourself having to work from home for the first time – perhaps you’re self-isolating due to the Coronavirus or for some other reason – then this post is for you. We asked Paul McClenaghan (our resident design and marketing expert) to give us some tips he’s picked up along the way. Paul’s… Read more »

A shelving solution for your loft… introducing web shelving!

web shelving examples

Okay, so we have to be honest. We didn’t come up with this idea. Plus, we’re not the only loft storage solutions company offering it as a service. But, web shelving is becoming more and more popular as people are increasingly looking for ways of utilising their space. Space is premium, we know this really… Read more »

What kind of loft storage boxes should you use?

loft storage box ideas

We’ve talked about tidying, organising, and minimalism in other posts. However, we undoubtedly still have stuff we need to put away in storage so it would be useful to figure out the best way to store it all, right? Okay, let’s have a look at some options for loft storage boxes. Based on our years… Read more »