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Our top tips to keep your loft warm during Energy Savers Week

Energy Savers Week

It’s 2024 already – how the heck did that happen? – and we’re supporting the Energy Savers Week (15 – 21 January) organised by those lovely people over at Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust. As part of that campaign, they have put together some great tips on how to stay warm this winter… Read more »

The Controversy Surrounding Spray Foam Insulation in the UK: Why Caution is Advised

Spray foam being applied to the underside of a roof

Spray foam insulation, once celebrated as a modern energy-efficient solution, is now a subject of intense debate in the United Kingdom. This shift in perception is due to a growing awareness of its potential drawbacks. While the promise of reduced energy bills is tempting, UK homeowners should carefully weigh the long-term consequences before choosing spray… Read more »

Beware of the Latest Loft Insulation Scam: Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Elderly lady on the phone

Recently, we’ve become aware of a scam targeting homeowners, including some of our past customers. It’s crucial that we share the details of this scam with you, not to alarm, but to inform and protect you from falling victim to these deceitful tactics. Understanding the Scam The scam operates through targeted cold calls. Scammers, posing… Read more »

Which Type of Loft Insulation Is the Most Effective?

types of insulation

Updated for the 2024 Energy Crisis… You could be losing as much as £590 per year through your roof! According to the latest figures from the Energy Saving Trust, effective loft insulation can slash your heating bills by up to £590 a year. Plus, making your home more energy-efficient could increase its value by 14%*…. Read more »

Read This Before You Get Loft Insulation Installed!

do you really need loft insulation?

If you’re considering getting loft insulation then stop and read this first. That’s because you might not even need it! Plus, there are cowboys out there telling people they need it when they don’t! In this post, we’ll give you tips on how you can tell if you do need loft insulation, even if you… Read more »

Our Mini-Guide to Rafter Insulation

rafter insulation

We’ve created this blog post about rafter insulation because we realised that a lot of people search for this term but there isn’t much out there that explains it well. This mini-guide should answer some questions you might have. Such as what it is, where it’s applied and even how much it usually costs. Let’s… Read more »

Have you got a draughty hatch?

cold lady under blankets and loft hatch

If you’ve got a draught of cold air coming into your top landing then it could very well be from your loft hatch. In this post, we’ll look at the causes of draughty hatches. And then talk about some ways to insulate and draught-proof your hatch. Awesome! What causes a draughty hatch? The simple answer… Read more »

Can I Install a Boiler in my Loft?

boiler in loft

Thinking about installing a boiler in your loft? You’ll need to know about regulations, the pros and cons, and the general cost. Read on…

How to make the most of the Green Homes Grant

green homes grant

The Green Homes Grant is a government scheme that allows residential property owners to apply for subsidiary vouchers to pay for eligible energy-efficiency improvements on their homes. The vouchers can potentially contribute up to two-thirds of the total costs. The scheme is intended to motivate homeowners to adopt the installation of home insulation (including loft… Read more »