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All About Lofts

The loft space may not be the most welcoming room in your home, but it's likely to be the largest. So why do so many of us not utilise this extra space? Is it because accessing it is hard work? Or is it because it seems so spooky up there?

The Loft Boys are programmed with knowledge on how to transform spooky, inaccessible lofts into usable spaces, and are happy to share this knowledge with you.

The first problem is how to get up (and down) safely and conveniently. For this you need a purpose-made loft ladder, not a rickety stepladder. You may also need a wider hatch and a hinged trapdoor.

Once you're up in the loft, you'll need to see where you're going. We can run an electrical supply up there to provide lighting at any time.

Alternatively, you can make use of free natural lighting with a couple of roof windows. Nothing reduces your loft's spookiness like sunshine.

Loft insulation is key to making your home energy efficient, saving on your bills while you're helping save the planet. Whether you just need insulation between the joists or on the underside of the roof, too, we can install it for you.

Laying boards over the joists may seem a simple job, but a long list of things can go wrong. We'll ensure they're fitted correctly, and we're approved fitters for the government-backed LoftZoneTM StoreFloor system.

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