What Are the Benefits of Using Loft Boards?

Why should you get your loft boarded? There are numerous benefits of using loft boards, and here are just a few.

Giving You Easier Access

Whatever you’re using your loft for, balancing on the joists can be precarious. One false move and you risk putting your foot through the ceiling. Quite apart from the risk of injury, you could end up facing a hefty repair bill.

If you have your loft boarded, both risk and difficulty are gone. You’ll find yourself using your loft more, instead of just slinging boxes into the area around the hatch.

Increasing the Space in Your Home

One of the main reasons for moving is not having enough space in our home. That could be because of a growing family or accumulating possessions we don’t exactly want to get rid of.

Since boarding your loft makes it more accessible, you can at least free up space downstairs where you were previously storing things.

Storing things in your own loft keeps them highly accessible and is more cost-effective than using a self-storage facility with fees every month.

Preventing Heat Loss

An uninsulated home needs to generate up to 30% extra heat to replace what’s lost through the roof space. Your loft should certainly be insulated, but laying boards over the insulation increases its efficiency.

This could be a problem if the insulation comes up above the level of the joists, since it’ shouldn’t be compacted. Fortunately, there are raised floor systems available, such as the government-approved LoftZone™ StoreFloor, allowing you the best of both worlds.

Adding an Extra Room

Boarded lofts are normally used for storage. If you want a bedroom or living room in your loft, you’d need a full conversion, which is considerably more expensive.

Some people use sheds for storage, but a loft is a much more secure and dry environment for keeping your possessions in. Loft boarding is a very cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to gain the equivalent of a whole new storage room.

Adding Value to Your Property

You’ll find having a boarded loft offers considerable benefits, from the extra space to the lower heating bills. That means anyone else who owns it should feel the same and you’ll find the value of your property when you come to sell it, has risen far more than the modest outlay.

If you’re interested in finding more about what boarding your loft could do for you, feel free to get in touch with us for a chat.