Which Loft Package Is Best for Me?

If, like many others, you’ve decided to have your loft boarded to use as convenient storage space, you might find the choices confusing. We offer various basic packages, as well as the option to customise your own package, and each one is ideal in the right circumstances.

15 Square Metres

If you don’t need access to all your loft, 15m2 of boarding may be enough. This could be because you just want to store a few possessions, such as Christmas decorations, so only need boarding around the hatch. Alternatively, the pitch of your roof might make large sections of the loft unusable.

As with all sizes, this package includes the boarding and a basic three-section ladder, with the option of adding either a PVC hinged-down trapdoor or an LED battery-powered loft light. However, if you’re only going to access the loft occasionally, you may consider the extras unnecessary.

20 Square Metres

Having 20m2 of boarding might be enough to board the central part of the loft. In this case, since the boarding is likely to cover much of the available space apart from the eaves, there would be room to store a more substantial amount of possessions.

In this case, whether or not you need the trapdoor or loft light would depend very much on how often you’d be accessing the loft and how much time you’d be spending up there.

30 Square Metres

To fully board a smaller loft or all but the eaves of a larger one, 30m2 should give ample room. This would allow you to go beyond simply leaving boxes in the loft. You might want to have storage units up there, or even use the loft as a space for your hobby, whether that’s a workbench or a model railway.

If you’re going to be accessing the loft on a regular basis, you’ll almost certainly need lighting, and the convenience of a trapdoor would be an advantage, too.

40 Square Metres

Choosing 40m2 will fully board the loft in all but the largest houses. This will provide you with a substantial area that you can use in a variety of ways. You’ll almost certainly want either the easy access of a trapdoor or convenient lighting — it’s your choice which is more important.

Your Custom Loft Package

If none of these packages meets your needs, don’t despair — you can build your own package from our wide range of boarding, ladders, hatches, lighting and insulation.

Whichever sounds most like your requirements, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you.