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Our Environmental Commitment

At The Loft Boys, we take sustainability and the environmental impact of our business very seriously. Our services include helping customers reduce their carbon footprint through better loft insulation and we’re very passionate about our own responsibilities too. And actually, our customers care a lot about how we’re working to reduce our impact too.

There are several ways that we actively do our part for the environment. The first involves minimising vehicle usage whenever possible. This means we only match surveys to the closest surveyor which helps keep their mileage low.

arriving for survey

When we’re tasked with removing stored loft items for customers we make sure those items are always disposed of properly. That means taking the items to facilities that will recycle and dispose of them in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

We are also working towards becoming a paperless office. This is involving digitising our systems and processes and encouraging the use of tablets and computers amongst our staff. 

We also try to draw attention to practices within our industry that go against our eco principles – such as the use of petroleum-based chemicals in spray foam insulation – as a way of better informing our customers and social media followers.

And finally, we work with a lot of wood! Whether we are boarding loft joists, rafters, or installing timber ladders – we always aim to ensure our suppliers have a responsible sustainability policy in place. That means the boarding we use will normally be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which verifies that the wood in question is from responsible sources.