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Terms & Conditions

Throughout these terms and conditions the phrases ‘you’ and ‘your’ represents the customer and the phrases ‘The Company’ and ‘we’ represents The Loft Boys Ltd.

You and The Company agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions once sale has been agreed, work scheduled, work commenced and work completed.

These terms and conditions explain the rights and responsibilities of you and The Company.

You acknowledge: The service provided by the company is for the purpose of safe access to, and light storage in, the attic/loft space of your property or any property that consent has been granted to the company for the work or service to be carried out. The company will not be held liable to you or any third party for damage caused to person or property that result from misuse, negligence or over loading of the floor area of attic/loft. The company will not be held liable to you or any third party for damage caused to ceilings, after work is completed, due to movement in the loft/attic space of persons or items.

Installation: We will deliver the goods referred to on your quotation and carry out the works as specified on this and any continuation sheets to a reasonable standard.

Installation date: You agree that any date of installation agreed between you and the company is a target of the company and although the company will aim for commencement on this date the company may need to and has the right to move the installation date as we see fit.

Access: You agree to provide reasonable access for the company to enable delivery of goods or for installation to be completed as soon as possible after you have advised that the goods are ready. If within six weeks of such advise an appointment for delivery of goods or installation has not been made the balance of the purchase price of goods will be due and payable by you to the company. Delivery or installation date will then be made on a mutually convenient date.

Guarantee: The guarantee provided by the company is only effective once full payment has been made by you to the company. The company guarantees your loft ladder and associated products of installation to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from original installation date. If you discover a defect in any of the installed products covered by the effective guarantee, the company will repair or replace at our option using new or refurbished components.

Payment: You agree to pay the full balance, less any deposits or payments received, in cash, bank transfer or via credit/debit card in favour of The Loft Boys. Our payment terms are strictly payment due upon completion and satisfaction, unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and the company. You also agree that a 2% charge will be applied to all credit card payments. We do not accept payment by cheque or American Express.

Additional work: Unless otherwise stated on the face of this quotation/works order, we will only be responsible for the agreed work specified and any additional work required or requested by you will be charged at a rate agreed between you and the company prior to commencement of these additional works.

Planning consents: It shall be entirely your responsibility to identify the needs for any planning permission, building regulation consents, building warrants or any other similar consents or approvals and to obtain those which the company have not agreed in writing to apply for on your behalf such documents identifying specifically the consents for which we have agreed to apply.

We shall not be obliged to perform this agreement until we have received confirmation satisfactory to us that all such consents and approvals have been obtained. If, at your request, we agree to carry out any part of this agreement before all such consents and approvals are obtained, we shall do so entirely at your risk and responsibility and you will indemnify us in respect of any costs, losses, claims, damages charges incurred in connection with obtaining of any such permissions or consents, whether or not successfully obtained.

General: You must ensure that any representation or promise made before or at the time you accept this agreement that is not included on this document or any related continuation sheets is added in writing on the face of this agreement and signed by you and our representative. It is therefore agreed that no terms or representation, written or oral shall apply to this agreement other than those contained herein and stated on the quotation provided.

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