Month: March 2020

Your essential guide to working from home… some of these tips may surprise you!

woman sitting at a desk looking at a laptop and drinking a coffee

If you’re finding yourself having to work from home for the first time – perhaps you’re self-isolating due to the Coronavirus or for some other reason – then this post is for you. We asked Paul McClenaghan (our resident design and marketing expert) to give us some tips he’s picked up along the way. Paul’s… Read more »

A shelving solution for your loft… introducing web shelving!

web shelving examples

Okay, so we have to be honest. We didn’t come up with this idea. Plus, we’re not the only loft storage solutions company offering it as a service. But, web shelving is becoming more and more popular as people are increasingly looking for ways of utilising their space. Space is premium, we know this really… Read more »