Month: March 2017

How to Choose the Right Loft Ladder

If you’re intending to use your loft for any purpose it goes without saying that you need a means of accessing it. For a conversion as a fully used room, you’ll really need a fixed staircase, especially if children or older people are going to access it. If you’re simply using it for storage or… Read more »

Loft Conversion or Loft Boarding, Which One is Right for me?

top hung roof window with woman working

Many of us are looking to increase the options in our home by making more use of the loft, whether we simply board it over or go for a full conversion. If all you want is a boarded loft for more efficient storage, there are few restrictions. If you’re going to convert the loft into… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Board Your Loft for Storage?

A loft with boarding on floor and under roof

Most of us need extra space at home right? Whether it’s to store the clutter we don’t want to get rid of or to have a dedicated space for pursuing a hobby. The ideal unused space is the loft, but bare joists aren’t good enough for safe access and falling through the ceiling is no… Read more »