What Are the Different Types of Loft Ladders?

However great your loft is, it won’t do you much good if you can’t get into it. If you try climbing an unsteady step-ladder or standing on a chair to haul yourself up, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. You need a loft ladder — but what kind?

Sliding Loft Ladders

If all you need is occasional access to leave items in storage or recover them, a sliding loft ladder is usually a perfectly adequate, inexpensive option. Most often made of lightweight aluminium in either two or three sections, these normally operate independently of the loft hatch. They range from a basic folding loft ladder a more expensive spring-loaded deluxe model with a handrail for extra safety.

Sliding loft ladders are often ideal, but their main drawback is that, because they don’t fold away, you need substantial storage space in the loft. You may also have difficulty using it if there isn’t much clearance below the hatch. In that case, one of the alternative types could be a better option.

Folding Loft Ladders

A folding loft ladder is a good choice both for conserving space and improving insulation. Pre-mounted on the trapdoor, this type folds neatly away when stowed, taking up far less room in the loft. Because a custom-made trapdoor is normally draught-proof, less heat is lost.

A folding loft ladder can be made of either wood or metal, and the price will obviously reflect both the material and the standard of workmanship.

Concertina Loft Ladders

Their concertina action means these fold up even more compactly than the folding type. When they’re stowed, a concertina loft ladder sits directly on top of the trapdoor, so they can be used even when there’s no space around the hatch — for instance, if it’s right up against a wall.

Concertina loft ladders also offer the option of adjusting the pitch, allowing them to be used in a confined space. Usually made of wood, they tend to have deeper tread than usual, offering extra safety.

Telescopic Loft Ladders

An advanced and high-class design, a telescopic loft ladder slides together as compactly as the concertina design, again meaning that it needs very little space to be stowed away. This a classy, deep-tread ladder that’ll make the access to your loft easy and good looking.

All these styles of loft ladder can be the ideal choice, depending on your needs and the positioning of your hatch. Get in touch with us for a chat about what would best suit you.