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The Benefits of Roof Windows

Centre pivot roof window

A loft can be a dark, stuffy place if it’s not properly equipped, but putting in one or two roof windows provides a simple, effective and cheap solution. You can install electric lighting, of course, but that has its disadvantages and doesn’t solve the problem of air quality. So what are the benefits of roof… Read more »

Which Loft Package Is Best for Me?

If, like many others, you’ve decided to have your loft boarded to use as convenient storage space, you might find the choices confusing. We offer various basic packages, as well as the option to customise your own package, and each one is ideal in the right circumstances. 15 Square Metres If you don’t need access… Read more »

What Type of Lighting Is Best for a Loft

loft lighting guide

So you’ve boarded your loft for easy access, extended the hatch and fitted a reliable loft ladder — but it won’t be much good if you can’t see what you’re doing when you’re up there. A torch isn’t reliable enough, so your loft needs lighting — but what type is best? We’ve got a guide… Read more »

What Are the Different Types of Loft Ladders?

However great your loft is, it won’t do you much good if you can’t get into it. If you try climbing an unsteady step-ladder or standing on a chair to haul yourself up, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. You need a loft ladder — but what kind? Sliding Loft Ladders If all you… Read more »

Should I Use Loft Boarding?

Finished loft with boarding and lighting

Most homes with a pitched roof have a loft space under the rafters. Traditionally, this has been a place to store anything you’re unlikely to want, since it can be difficult to get at, and you have to balance on exposed joists to reach the items you put there. Unless you board over them, that… Read more »

Why Do I Need Loft Insulation?

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The heat escaping from your home both burns money and increases your carbon footprint. If you see a heat-imaging scan, you’ll be struck that, while there are a number of hot spots, the bulk of the escaping heat comes through the roof. It has to be stopped. What Is Loft Insulation? Loft insulation consists of… Read more »

What To Consider When Boarding My Loft For Storage

Shelving running the length of the loft

More people than ever are making use of their lofts, with conversions ranging from virtually an extra storey to boarding over the joists for storage. While full conversions can be expensive projects, sometimes requiring planning permission, boarding for storage is relatively straightforward. There are questions to be answered, though, before you dive in. Assessing Your… Read more »

The Science Behind Loft Insulation

types of insulation

In an uninsulated house, much of the heat you generate to keep yourself warm will escape through the walls, floor, doors and windows — and especially through the roof, via the loft. This leaves you generating more heat than you need, increasing both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. For many of us, it’s… Read more »

Loft Insulation Grants — All You Need to Know

Insulating your loft should be a no-brainer.  It means not only huge savings on your energy bills; it also slashes your carbon footprint. So why doesn’t everyone have it done? People on a low income may think it’s too expensive to pull out enough money at one time. But that isn’t necessarily true. The Importance… Read more »

How To Measure Your Loft Space

As living space has become more and more of a premium, we’ve begun to realise that we’ve traditionally wasted an entire level of our homes – the space under the roof. We may have stuck a few boxes in the area immediately around the hatch, probably balancing on a rickety ladder, but rarely went into… Read more »