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How to Tackle Rising Energy Bills with Loft Insulation

It seems that energy costs never stop rising, with more increases on the skyline. Shopping around may save you a little, but broadly speaking the large energy firms all charge roughly the same. Cutting consumption can reduce your bill, but that’s unwise during a cold spell like the recent “Beast from the East”. So what’s… Read more »

Introduction to Loft Boarding Above Deep Insulation for Storage

Boarding and insulation are perhaps the two most important things you can do for your loft.  Unfortunately, they’re not obviously compatible, since the government-recommended depth of insulation tends to come well above the joists. This makes it difficult to lay boards and keep the insulation effective. Fortunately, there is a solution. The pros and cons… Read more »

Does Loft Insulation Make a Difference?

At one time, we’d pump heat into our homes and accept that much of it would be lost. Today, though, we’re far more aware of the impact of wasted heat on everything from the bank balance to the environment. There are many places to insulate your home, but the loft is the single most important…. Read more »

Are Loft Boards Safe?

A loft space you could use as a hobby room

If you have an unboarded loft, walking over exposed joists calls for a balancing act. Missing your footing could lead to injury, or even putting your foot straight through the ceiling below. But how much safer is a boarded loft? Can you really trust your weight to wood laid over the joists? Boarding your loft… Read more »

Which Loft Insulation Is Best?

Insulating your loft can prevent large amounts of heat escaping through your roof-space. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that insulating the loft of an average house can save between £150 and £250 on your energy bills — and, of course, this reduces your carbon footprint, too. There are many kinds of insulating material on the… Read more »

Why Do I Need Ventilation in the Roof Space?

Draughty houses are mainly a thing of the past. The problem is that all that moisture-laden air that used to escape with the draughts now only has only one way to go — up into the roof space. Condensation and the Roof Space Condensation happens because cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm… Read more »

The Benefits of Roof Windows

Centre pivot roof window

A loft can be a dark, stuffy place if it’s not properly equipped, but putting in one or two roof windows provides a simple, effective and cheap solution. You can install electric lighting, of course, but that has its disadvantages and doesn’t solve the problem of air quality. So what are the benefits of roof… Read more »

Which Loft Package Is Best for Me?

If, like many others, you’ve decided to have your loft boarded to use as convenient storage space, you might find the choices confusing. We offer various basic packages, as well as the option to customise your own package, and each one is ideal in the right circumstances. 15 Square Metres If you don’t need access… Read more »

What Type of Lighting Is Best for a Loft

    So you’ve boarded your loft for easy access, extended the hatch and fitted a reliable loft ladder — but it won’t be much good if you can’t see what you’re doing when you’re up there. A torch isn’t reliable enough, so your loft needs lighting — but what type is best?    … Read more »

What Are the Different Types of Loft Ladders?

However great your loft is, it won’t do you much good if you can’t get into it. If you try climbing an unsteady step-ladder or standing on a chair to haul yourself up, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. You need a loft ladder — but what kind? Sliding Loft Ladders If all you… Read more »