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All You Need To Know About Loft Storage

Struggling for space in your home? Instead of moving out, move up! Transform your loft into an effective and usable storage space for additional space to store all of your important goods – Like Christmas decorations or suitcases that only make an appearance once a year.  If you’re lucky enough to have a loft space… Read more »

The Science Behind Loft Insulation

In an uninsulated house, much of the heat you generate to keep yourself warm will escape through the walls, floor, doors and windows — and especially through the roof, via the loft. This leaves you generating more heat than you need, increasing both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. For many of us, it’s… Read more »

Loft Insulation Grants — All You Need to Know

Insulating your loft should be a no-brainer.  It means not only huge savings on your energy bills; it also slashes your carbon footprint. So why doesn’t everyone have it done? People on a low income may think it’s too expensive to pull out enough money at one time. But that isn’t necessarily true. The Importance… Read more »

How To Measure Your Loft Space

As living space has become more and more of a premium, we’ve begun to realise that we’ve traditionally wasted an entire level of our homes — the space under the roof. We may have stuck a few boxes in the area immediately around the hatch, probably balancing on a rickety ladder, but rarely went into… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are popular for good reason. Besides providing valuable extra space in your home, converting your loft can significantly increase the property’s value. However, it’s neither easy nor cheap, and best results are gained from planning carefully with an architect or a specialist contractor. Initial Planning First of all you need to decide what… Read more »

Why Is Loft Insulation Important?

High energy bills for your home eat into your income, and they’re also a sign of a high carbon footprint. It’s important to bring your bills down, and fortunately, there’s a very easy way — make sure your home is fully insulated. The most important part of that is insulating your loft. Why Do I… Read more »

How Much Do Loft Ladders Cost?

Even if you’re only going to access your loft once a year, you need a good loft ladder. Using a stepladder or even a chair is just a disaster waiting to happen. So how much should you expect to pay for a loft ladder? That depends partly on what kind of ladder you need, but… Read more »

11 Things to Consider About Loft Storage

The space at the top of the house has traditionally been used for storing things we want out of sight and out of mind — like Christmas decorations for the eleven months we don’t need them. In fact, whether you go for simple boarding or a full conversion, your loft can be a sophisticated storage… Read more »

The History Of Loft Insulation

Home Insulation Through the Ages From the Egyptians keeping their homes cool to the Greek invention of cavity walls and asbestos, or the trick in many colder climates of sealing gaps with mud, homes have been insulated for thousands of years. Insulation techniques improved from the need in the Industrial Revolution to protect pipes in… Read more »

Which Type of Loft Insulation Is the Most Effective?

We all need loft insulation. Besides cutting your carbon footprint, effective loft insulation can slash your heating bills by up to £250 a year. The problem is there are many different options for insulation. So which is best? Warm Lofts and Cold Lofts One big choice is whether you need a warm or cold loft… Read more »