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How to Choose the Right Loft Ladder

If you’re intending to use your loft for any purpose it goes without saying that you need a means of accessing it. For a conversion as a fully used room, you’ll really need a fixed staircase, especially if children or older people are going to access it. If you’re simply using it for storage or… Read more »

What You Need to Know for a Loft Conversion

Many of us are looking to increase the options in our home by making more use of the loft, whether we simply board it over or go for a full conversion. If all you want is a boarded loft for more efficient storage, there are few restrictions. If you’re going to convert the loft into… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Board Your Loft for Storage?

Most of us need extra space at home, whether it’s to store the clutter we don’t want to get rid of or to have a dedicated space for pursuing a hobby. The ideal unused space is the loft, but bare joists aren’t good enough for safe access. If you want a genuine room up there,… Read more »

What Everyone Ought to Know about Loft Insulation

Most houses have extensive loft space, but all too often we waste it and try to fit everything into the main rooms. There are many uses for a loft, but whatever you do with it (even leaving it unused) it must be properly insulated. Why Insulate Your Loft? A quarter of the heat lost from… Read more »

Why You Should Only Use LoftZone in a New Build

We at The Loft Boys recommend the LoftZoneTM StoreFloor system for a wide range of lofts, but for lofts in new builds it’s essential. Why? Well, the short answer is that it’s the only system of its kind that the government has approved for new builds throughout the UK. The longer answer is the many… Read more »

How and Where to Store Unwanted Stuff After Christmas

We always seem to finish the Christmas season with more than we need, don’t we? Whether it’s decorations that need to be stored till next year, or stuff we don’t really want making way for the new stuff we do, we need to find somewhere to put it all. Packing It Away If you’re intending… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter with Loft Insulation

With winter on its way, if not here, we’re all turning up our heating to make sure we don’t freeze at home. This can get expensive if you’re losing a lot of heat through the roof, but insulating your loft will pay for itself within a year or two, and grants are sometimes available. Cold… Read more »

All you need to know about loft ladders

Have you ever accessed your loft by climbing on an unsteady stepladder (or, worse, standing on a chair) and hauling yourself up? It’s not only dangerous, it’s also ridiculously difficult. With a fitted loft ladder, on the other hand, you can climb straight up easily and safely. It makes sense to have a loft ladder,… Read more »

Achieve Easy Loft Storage With LoftZone

The first time I put my foot through the ceiling whilst reaching for the Christmas decorations, my wife handed me my toolbox, the hoover and stayed at her mother’s for the evening whilst I sorted it out. The second time I did it, she didn’t come home for a week… That is why I created The… Read more »

5 Tips To Choosing The Right Loft Storage Company

In the UK there are a lot of companies offering loft storage conversion services and loft ladder installations, including us. So as a customer, how do you choose the right one? Here are 5 things that you need to look out for when considering a company to convert your loft space into storage. Reputation One… Read more »