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Would you like to have your loft turned into a safe, clean, and fully-insulated storage space that you can be proud of?

If the answer is YES, and you'd like to get your loft sorted, then follow these simple steps to getting the loft you deserve for a price you can afford!

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    Tell us about your loft

    Lofty on the phone

    We'll call you to go over your requirements and answer any questions you might have. This usually takes around 15 minutes and at the end of the call we'll schedule a date and time for the free Loft Survey.

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    Get your Loft Survey done

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    One of our experienced loft surveyors will give you a range of options to suit your needs, before providing a quote and leaving you with our comprehensive information pack!

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    Get the loft you installation work done!

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    Our professional installer's will leave you with a brand-new loft that you'll be proud to tell the neighbours about!


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What are the benefits of sorting your loft out?

  • You’ll get more storage space whilst saving £££s on your energy bills
  • Increase the thermal efficiency of your property in time for next winter
  • Free up valuable space in your spare bedroom or garage
  • Stop paying through the nose to use an off-site facility
  • Get a safer way to get your stuff stored within your loft

We turn this…

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…into this!

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Lofty giving the thumbs up


“Excellent outcome at a very reasonable cost. Worked diligently and took care in their work and tidied up afterwards. Very happy with result.” Customer in Reading

“These fellas boarded my loft for me today and I am simply blown away! Great service, clean, tidy, courteous, fast and high standard of finish.” David Jones in London

We offer a range of services...

  • metal loft ladder


    Make entering your loft space safe and easy. You’ll find yourself using it more than your garden shed!

  • LED loft light


    Good loft lighting allows you to say goodbye gloomy attic and hello usable loft space!

  • Loft window


    Installing windows in your loft isn’t as difficult or expensive as you’d imagine.

  • roof insulation


    We do all kinds of loft insulation including under your loft boarding and on the inside of your roof.

  • loft boarding

    LOFT boarding

    Having professionally fitted loft boarding really transforms your loft into a fantastic storage room

Loft package options

Check out a selection of our popular loft packages. You could save up to £239 with a ready-made package.

  • A Great Starter Package

    • 15m2 Floor Boarding
    • Basic 3 Section Ladder
    • PVC Hinged Down Trapdoor

    List £1,384

    Offer £1,285

    INC. VAT & Installation

  • More space for your stuff

    • 20m2 Floor Boarding
    • Basic 3 Section Ladder
    • PVC Hinged Down Trapdoor

    List £1,744

    Offer £1,595

    INC. VAT & Installation

  • Even more space plus lighting

    • 30m2 Floor Boarding
    • Basic 3 Section Ladder
    • 2x LED Loft Light

    List £2,421

    Offer £2,272

    INC. VAT & Installation

How we compare to traditional storage companies...

  • Big Yellow
  • Access Storage
  • SafeStore
  • LoknStore
  • The Loft Boys

Figures based on 150 Sq ft for 1 year

Here's how we got to these figures...

We looked at the various big players in the industry in two busy locations in London and then based our own weekly cost on the basis that we can offer just over 150 Sq ft (15m2) of loft floor boarding, a basic 3 section loft ladder and a LED light for £1210.00. That’s including installation, FIVE year guarantee and VAT, giving a weekly cost of just £23.27.

It's also worth bearing in mind that we guarantee all our work for five years, although the area will be usable for many years after. This means you still have four years of your guarantee left and could potentially use this as a sweetener if you were to sell the property to a new owner.

Why choose The Loft Boys?

installer lifting materials in warehouse
surveyor knocking on customer's door

The Loft Boys started work in 2009. Back then there were very few loft storage solutions for people who didn't need a full-blown loft conversion. We met this need by creating loft solutions that include everything you'll need to safely and easily utilise the untapped potential of your loft space.

We've learned a lot along the way and we pass that knowledge to our customers every day. Our team is genuinely passionate about giving our customers the best possible service, from the initial call through to the installation and beyond. We offer a 5-year warranty on all installation work which also covers the products we install.

We're also constantly expanding, with 5 new territories added in 2019 and more on the cards. We cover a large area of Southern England, from Gloucestershire and most of Wiltshire in the west to Northamptonshire, Peterborough, and Cambridgeshire in the north and East Sussex and Kent in the south.

Here's are some of the other benefit's of using The Loft Boys:

  • We're the UK's leading loft boarding & ladder experts, transforming lofts into usable storage spaces for 10 years
  • We invest heavily in training, which leads to higher quality work than our competition plus very happy customers!
  • We're extremely passionate about quality over quantity. We always allow our two-man field teams more time than our competitors to finish the job.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff nerd face will guide you through every step of the process, from survey to install