Which Loft Lighting Option Should You Go For?

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and convert your loft space into storage. No more overcrowded drawers and cupboards in the house, no more damp boxes in the garage.

Of course, we’re going to say this is an excellent decision, but before you go ahead, have you thought about the type of loft lighting you’d like to have? Deciding this as early as possible in the conversion process will ensure you keep control of costs and get a solution that really fits your needs.

There are really only two options available… (well three actually if you consider total darkness as an option): artificial lighting and natural lighting.

Artificial loft lighting

Loft Lighting

Artificial lights are the best way to illuminate your loft without having to do any work on the roof itself. This can be as simple as installing a light bulb and a switch, but what we’d recommend for best results is fluorescent lighting – it creates more light and uses less energy than traditional incandescent lights.

If you plan on accessing your loft storage at night, then artificial lighting is a must, unless you like to scare yourself and others with a torchlight.

Installation costs for basic lighting are low and no heavy work is required.

Natural loft lighting

Natural light is by far the best way to illuminate your loft. Not only is it free, but it also bounces all around the space.

Centre-pivot VELUX roof window
Centre pivot roof window

Unless you already have roof windows, you’ll need to install at least one to get natural light inside your storage. While this is something that can easily be done by professionals, it still requires more work than fitting artificial lights and installation and materials costs are therefore quite a bit higher.

If you only plan to access your storage during the day and spend a bit of time there, then we’d recommend natural lighting.

Choosing the right loft lighting solution really depends on when you plan on accessing your storage, but if you have the budget then we’d recommend combining both solutions for more flexibility.

Whichever lighting option you choose, the Loft Boys can help, so get in touch today.

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