Why Loft Boarding Is Better Value than Self-Storage

Boarded Loft

If you’re boarding your loft, you probably want to increase the amount of storage space available. But is this really the best option? What about using a self-storage facility?

Self-storage has its place, of course. On the whole, though, boarding your loft is not only a more convenient solution but also a more cost-effective one.


There are plenty of reasons for using self-storage. It’s particularly valuable if you need to store possessions for a limited period. This may be because you’re moving home and there’s going to be a gap between moving out of the old home and into the new one.

In addition, of course, not all homes have a roof space that can be boarded and used for storage. In these cases, self-storage may offer a viable alternative.

All the same, it’s an expensive option. A typical cost for no more than 7 m2 would be around £140 a month – and that adds up to £1680 a year.

How The Loft Boys compares with other storage solutions
How The Loft Boys compares with other storage solutions

Loft storage

The most obvious advantage of loft storage is that your possessions are in your house and accessible whenever you want them, rather than having to wait for the self-storage facility to open and then travel there. If you get a sudden yearning to see that picture of your grandparents you only look at once every ten years, you can go straight up and retrieve it.

The apparent downside is having to pay out for the work in one go. On the other hand, it’s not really expensive. For instance, if you wanted 15 m2 boarded, you could have it done for less than £1,400, including a ladder and trap-door. That means it only takes about ten months of use before it becomes cheaper than renting half the amount of self-storage.

Additional benefits of loft storage

We’re conscious these days of the need to keep our energy bills down and cut our carbon footprint at the same time. The biggest loss of heat in a building is through the roof, and boarding your loft strengthens the insulation.

A boarded loft is also likely to add value to your home — a mixture of energy efficiency, convenience and the simple fact that it looks a lot nicer than a loft with bare joists. So, in addition to being cheaper than self-storage, boarding your loft can save you money on an ongoing basis and boost the selling prince. Whereas with self-storage you continue to throw your money into a hole.

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